Meet Mel! For the next 7 days she will send you the same email, everyday.

Use it to raise your morale, develop your confidence, take pride in your strengths, or just to remind yourself of something you're good at..

Use the form below, so that Mel can reach you..

Frequently asked questions

Will Mel spam me?

Yes, once a day, everyday, for the next 7 days. But you get to choose the time, subject and message!

What can I do if I get bored?

Every email has a link to stop, so just click on it. You can also edit the email contents. The link to edit is also in the email.

Can Mel send me more of these?

Sure! Just use the form above to create new emails. Mel is a cool dog, she likes to play fetch!

What will Mel do with my email address?

Mel will sell it to the google guys!
Just kidding. When you stop an email, or after the last one, Mel will delete your email address from the database. Mel is a dog, she prefers these biscuits!

Is it free?

Yup, you don't need to pay anyone to spam you. Do you pay facebook or google to spam you?

What's the catch?

This is just a fun project that Mel's owner made in a weekend. No catch.. Well.. Hum.. There's one.. It may look good on his CV.

Who is Mel?

Mel is our dog. You can see the real Mel in action here.

I'm having problems, can I contact Mel's owner?

Yeap, write to owner at mailaday dot com.


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